Guild Vent Channel Application Format - Please Read

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Guild Vent Channel Application Format - Please Read

Post  Savea on Tue Sep 15, 2009 8:44 pm

If you wish to have a Ventrillo Channel for your guild and your guild members only, please send us your application following the format below. Be sure that you and your guild fit the requirement.

If we accept your application, which will most likely occur, we will speak with you privately about a few other details.

Please, be patient in regards to our responses. We're busy people too. Thank you.

Requirements before to Guild Vent Channel Application:
You MUST have/be the following:
- have at least 20 guild members.
- be an active guild
- be respectable
- have people active in Vent upon channel creation

Topic Title: [GuildName] Ventrillo Application

Guild Master (person responsible for the channel):

Guild Name:

Realm Name:

Number of Guild members (Screenshot Required):

Number of active members with Ventrillo:

Reason that you want a channel:

Contact Info



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