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Read Me - AresWoW Rules

Post  Savea on Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:08 pm


We expect all members to read thoroughly through these rules as well as follow them. It's a simple request. Also, be sure to respect all other members as well as GM's, Admins, Developers, and Moderators.

Failing to follow our rules will be consequential:

First Offense (depending on what is not followed) – A stern warning.
Second Offense – Muted for 20 days as well as Banned for 15 days.
Third Offense – IP Banned.

Before Posting a New Topic:

Before posting any new topic, be sure to look throughout the forums for any topics similar. This will help us from having duplicated topics as well as providing you with the information you may looking for. We really appreciate those who follow this. We want to keep the forums clean and have easy-to-find information for all members.

Posts that may be duplicates (or then some) will be warned and the posts will be deleted/transfused with the other topic previously made.


Take your time before submitting your post. Proof read and be sure to include any bits of detail needed to help the reader understand what you're trying to say. Do not post topics with only a few words like “i r lyke pie” or anything of the sort. Though it may be funny, we would like for you to follow this rule. Think about what you're trying to ask or say and make sure each post is efficient. This will only benefit you with getting proper responses needed.

Replying to Posts

We all know there are the trolls who want the +1, we understand. But do not go +1ing in topics you really don't need to post in. If you don't have anything good to say or anything that may help the person, do not post it unless you know that it may beneficial for them to know. (i,e – if you don't know the answer to the question or concern, but you know someone who might, refer them to the person).

Purging Threads

We have moderators who will purge threads of non-needed posts or argumentative posts. If you're having an argument with another member, do not publicly display it – PM them. We do not want any drama, fights, arguments or anything of the sort on our forums. Keep it between yourself and the other. If there are more included, PM them to inquire their MSN or email and create a conference chat to discuss it – Just make sure it's not occurring on our forum threads. Failing to do so, you will receive a warning as well as the posts will be deleted. If you think it's a really well, thought out response, copy and paste it into a PM. If you don't, you'll loose what you wrote – even if we do agree that it was a good point or not.

GM Applications

Game Masters are chosen internally based on criteria we determine to be appropriate. We ask you to post your GM Application here and be patient for a reply. We will update you for when our server is inquiring GM's. If we're not currently looking, we'll inform you. We will take into consideration those that are posted earlier rather new applications (this is for when we begin to look for GM's – We will refer to older applications that haven't yet been accepted rather reviewing newer posts first. First come, fist serve).


Keep your signature clean and small. If you break this offense (i.e have pornographic images or vulgar language), you will be warned and the image/text will be removed from your signature. We have young members as well, and we must keep them in mind. Keeping a small signature will help members to read threads better.


We encourage all to be comfortable with our community. We want you to feel free to express your opinions and discuss the things you find important. However, we ask of you to read through out limitations and follow what is written.

We prohibit advertising other private servers on our site as well as ingame. In return, we expect our members to refrain from advertising our community on other websites and serves as well.

We do not tolerate harassment towards any members. Any form of harassment will be immediately addressed. Anything said against race, gender, disabilities, age, looks, sexual preference, religious beliefs, family, birth place, and political beliefs will not be tolerated and you will be warned. If you are persistent in harassing other members, you will be banned.

For those who feel that they are being harassed (i.e a person is doing things to make you feel uncomfortable, saying things to make you uncomfortable or putting you at risk in any way), tell someone (a GM, Admin, or Mod). We may inquire some form of proof (in case that others are attempting to find a way to get another member banned). It will be addressed immediately upon notice.

IP Changers
Those who use any kind of IP changer to get around an IP ban will be addressed and banned each time.

Language Filter

Any word that is unacceptable has been replaced with this image PUTITIN. The filter will be updated until all vulgar words are censored properly. You are not to use misspellings, replacement characters, or spaces to get around the filter.

Pornographic Material
Do NOT post any material (i.e images, text, or audio) of any type that is considered pornographic in any way. Help us keep our site free of offensive content.

We wish to keep the site clean for all members. Anything considered spam will be deleted. Please, respect us and keep your posts clean.

Our Rights and Privileges

We have the right to:
-take a range of disciplinary actions against members who fail or refuse to follow our guidelines.
-to place warnings, suspend posting and other privileges, and ban members for failure to follow our guidelines. These actions may be temporary or permanent at our discretion.
-to edit, move, delete or hide posts that do not meet our guidelines or for any other reason that is determined appropriate by management.


We hope that you enjoy your stay with us and ensure a great time! Be sure to tell friends and vote for us to help our community grow more and more each day.

Please be sure to follow our rules and help us enforce them. Any questions, comments or concerns, please direct them in a PM to me. Thank you very much for your time. And please, enjoy!

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