How to Depatch/Downgrade

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How to Depatch/Downgrade

Post  Savea on Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:11 pm

1) Go to your WoW folder (ex: C:\Programs\World of Warcraft)

2) Find your Data folder.

3) Delete your patch.MPQ file.

4) Find your repair program in your WoW folder.

NOTE! - If you're missing the repair.exe file, you can download it here:


Make sure to uncheck the first two boxes.
If done correctly, your WoW should now be de-downgraded to patch 3.0.1

4) Now, there are two things you can do, you can run the Blizzard WoW Launcher and stop at the current server supported patch (3.1.x)
You can head on over to and download it from there.

Once you have run the Repair.exe Tool and Patched to the current server version (3.1.x) you will have to re-edit your by doing the following:

1. Edit the file in World of Warcraft folder. (Right click -> Edit With -> Choose program -> Notepad/WordPad.)
set realmlist
2. Open the Data Folder in your WoW Folder.
2. Open the enUS (or enEU) folder in the Data folder.
3. Edit the file in this folder.
set realmlist

If you followed these steps correctly you'll be on your way to playing on Legacy![/b]

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