Read Me - In-Game Server Rules

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Read Me - In-Game Server Rules

Post  Savea on Sun Sep 13, 2009 12:16 pm

This is constantly updated. Be sure to check back for any changes. It is your responsibility to keep yourself informed about them. Ignorance is not an excuse for breaking a rule. Also, be sure to thoroughly read through each and every rule as well as follow them.

Not knowing the rules or failure to read the rules does not excuse you from any punishments that you will face if you break any of them. Our staff reserve the right to temporarily or permanently ban anyone in violation of these rules.

If you're not sure about something, ask a GM. They're always welcome to help. But do keep in mind, you must be patient, they are busy people too!


General Rules

Respect all members as well as Staff. Our staff work day and night to help our community with problems, comments, concerns as well as to make the server even better. Be sure to read the following!

- use inappropriate language, remember we have young players on here too. Think PG-13.
- settle your disputes in the General, LookingforGroup, or any other server wide channel.
- tell GM's things that are not real, especially with server stability.
- ask GM's for free stuff, to morph you or anything of the sort. They're here for your help and to answer questions.
- beg other players for free stuff.
- demand a GM's attention in ANY server wide channel. If you need help, make a ticket and they'll be with you shortly.
- try getting into places in which you don't belong.
- say anything in all CAPS or spam anything in CAPS; you will be kicked and possibly muted.
- threaten our server, forums, players, GM's, Admins or any other members. This is a bannable offense which will be addressed immediately.
- complain if you lose an event. They're designed for you to have fun as well as get a chance to win something. If you lose one, there are bound to be other chances.
- ask GM's for help with everything you come into contact with. Most questions can be answered on the forums. Be sure to also refer to ThottBot.
- harass donors or flame them in-game or on the forums. They help keep our server operational. We will not tolerate this as they deserve the same respect as any other player.


If someone is annoying you, put them on the ignore list. It's simple and easy.

If you hear someone planning to do something that may harm our server or any member – tell a GM immediately and they will be able to solve the problem.

Bug exploiting is illegal. If you find a bug that can give players an advantage over the game, please report it to a GM immediately. If there isn't a GM online ether post a GM Ticket or report it on the forums.

Account trading on this server is not condoned. If you do so and your account gets hacked it is no ones fault but your own and staff is not responsible for getting it back. Do not ask for help if such a thing happens, it's your own problem.

If there are bugged spells/skills or a way to exploit items, tell us. Doing these actions regardless of the circumstances can lead to immediate ban.

Be sure to be respectful when asking for help. Be polite to our GM's; use please, thank you, etc. If you do not respect them, they will not respect you.


PVP Rules

Corpse Camping is legal, within limits.

-complain about being killed by someone (If they break a rule, screen shot it, report them, and you win without saying anything to them.)
-complain about not winning a game. It happens to us all. Be a good sport!
-continually kill a player, follow them, and/or generally target a player for continued harassment. It is considered grieving and will not be tolerated.
-speed hack or any other form of hack. You will be banned.


Be sure to follow these rules and enjoy your time here. Remember, it is your responsibility to keep up with these rules.

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