Read Me - Media Collection Rules

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Read Me - Media Collection Rules

Post  Savea on Sat Sep 19, 2009 2:27 am

Media Collection Rules

Failure to follow our simple rules will result in a 3 day ban – permanent ban.

1. No nudity nor inappropriate images/videos/audio/etc.
2. Do not post up .Gifs that have flashing lights or move very quickly.
3. Do not post racial content insulting against any nationality, religion, sexuality, etc.
4. If you post a video, tell us what it's about in a brief sentence or at least with a title which will tell you what it is, but no “awesome video” as a title.

GM's, Mod's, Dev's, and Admins have the right to take action if you do not follow our rules. Thank you, and enjoy!

(Keep in mind these following rules):

- Bannable Offenses
- AresWoW Rules
- All other rules which apply to our Server


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