Read Me - Ventrillo Rules

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Read Me - Ventrillo Rules

Post  Savea on Thu Sep 17, 2009 7:58 pm

Ventrillo Rules and Bannable Offenses

Failure to follow rules or break any will result in a 3-10 day mute or ban depending on offense.

- do not use sound boards
- do not harass members
- do not pose as GM's, Admin, or anyone of higher power
- do not disrespect other members as well as GM'S, Admins, etc.
- no racist, sexiest, or vulgar content
- do not play any music/videos/audio through ventrillo to annoy other members
- do not advertise other servers
- do not flame against anything
- no complaining about the server being down
- do not annoy GM's or anyone of higher power with pointless questions
- do not attempt to get someone banned for an unreasonable reason of hatred

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