Read Me - Bannable Offenses

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Read Me - Bannable Offenses

Post  Savea on Sun Sep 13, 2009 1:27 pm

All rules are to be considered a living document and can be updated with or without notice. Please check the rules often.
Bannable Offenses:

Permanent Ban - IP ban:
Advertising another server
Impersonating a GM/Admin/Mod/Dev (ingame/vent)

Hacks - 30day Ban or Permanently:
- Fly Hacking
- Speed Hacking
- Teleporting
- Wall Hacking
- Etc.

Other Offensives – Kick / 12 hours - 1 Day Mute / 3-7 Day Ban:
- Racism
- Sexism,
- Server/Staff bashing
- Excessive swearing
- Harassment
- Hate mongering
- Begging or harassing GM's to read tickets
- Server down spam on other realms
- Killing Bankers/Flight Masters
- Inappropriate LFG spam
- PvP in Sanctuary (Shattrath, Ebon Hold, Dalaran, Darnassus, Stormwind, etc.)

Abusing Any Known Bugs – 3 Day to 14 Day Ban or Permanent ban:
- Death Bugs (Being unable to be killed and or attacking players while in this state)
- Talent Stacking (Stacking talents to stack their effects)
- Stacking Enchantments (Stacking temporary or permanent enchants to increase attributes far beyond what is possible)
- Gate Bug (Leaving arena and or battleground bases/gates before the match starts)
- Bugging bosses to lower their HP

Naming Guidelines:
If your name is offensive or inappropriate, a GM will have you rename it. If you fail to do so, they will rename you, and that name will be unchangeable thereafter.

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